Selecting the right contractor for the right job is a specialty of Farrell Partnership.  Not only do we assist the client in choosing the right people but we continue to provide the link between our client and their contractors.


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Contractor Prequal.
Farrell Partnership has dealt with numerous contractors and construction companies throughout the years. This experience allows us and qualifies us to provide out clients with our recommendations.
Bid Package Prep.
In order receive accurate construction bids and limit change orders, FP has mastered the requirements for a complete and succesful bid package. This includes all of the drawings and specs.
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Pre-Bid Conference
The Pre-Bid Meeting is important to clarify the project, elaborate on the scope and clearly communicate the project requirements to any vendors, general contractors or sub-consultants that will be given the opportunity to bid on the project.
Bid Tabulation
During Bid Tab., FP analyzes any bids submitted prior to the agreed upon deadline and compiled into an excel document. This document is then provided to the client for review to aid in the selection of a contractor.

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Award Recommendation
Upon completion of Bid Tab, Farrell Partnership can make a recommendation for which contractor(s) should be selected. This process takes into consideration cost, schedule, available resources, prior projects and other components that are not always identified.
Contract Negotiations
Once a contractor has been selected, FP can help write up the contract and make sure that everything is covered. This includes schedule deadlines, meeting attendance requirements and liquidated damages just to name a few.
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