We understand how important our client’s time is.  During the construction phase Farrell Partnership act as the owner’s representative.  We attend meetings and tend to the tasks necessary to protect the owner’s interests.

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RFI Management
Good communication between contractors and architects is paramount to the success of a project. At FP we answer all Requests for Information in a timely manner while maintaining impeccable records of each request and its clarification.
Progress Inspections
Progress inspections are used to both insure adherence to our design documents and validate construction progress. The architects at FP make regular site visits to the construction site to verify both compliance and performance.
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Punch List Preparation
One a project has achieved substantial completion, a Farrell Partnership architect will inspect the completed construction and record all deviations and quality issues. A punch list of items from this inspection is developed and provided to the contractor for correction.
Payment Application
Before payment can be issued, FP certifies that the invoiced work has been completed. Payment applications are generally issued on a monthly basis.

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Submittal Reviews
As required by the design documents, contractors are required to submit specific material selections to the architect for review and approval. FP reviews the contractor submittals to confirm that the contractor understands the intent of the design.
Project Closeout
FP reviews the contractors set of markup drawings in order to create a final As-Built set of drawings. Final release of contractors’ liens, warranty information and user manuals are compiled and given to the owner.
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