Farrell Partnership, regardless of the setting or the phase, is committed to both their client and the success of the project.  We are experienced in controlling a project’s time, cost and quality.

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Develop Schedule of Values
Upon award of construction, Farrell Partnership works with the contractor to develop a detailed list by division of materials and labor included in the contract. Once approved, FP uses the schedule of values to track project progress and approve contractor payments.
Implement Safety Program
At the start of the construction, FP implements a contractor safety program for use by all contractors on the construction site. Using either our program or the client’s we take a proactive approach to managing workplace safety and health
Manage Inspections
One of the most critical aspects of construction management is the timely and successful execution of all required inspections. Our construction managers have extensive experience working with municipal code and inspection officials to minimize delays to the construction cycle.
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Establish Site Logistics
The effective management of contractor access, lay down areas and circulation around a building site is fundamental to the successful completion of construction activities. Having executed hundreds of construction projects, we are able to establish the best layout.
Prepare Construction Log
Proper documentation is one of the most important aspects of construction management. At FP our attention to detail separates us from others in the maintenance of detailed logs providing our clients with superior management.
Manage Turnover Package
Upon completion of construction, FP will coordinate the turnover package which may include: manuals, warranties, surveys, inspection reports, occupancy permits and As-built drawings. We provide demonstrations and training which set our clients up for a successful project turnover.

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Manage EPCM Schedule
EPCM is engineering, procurement, and construction management. As an architectural firm, FP works routinely with engineers and procurement officers. Our ability to articulate the needs of the project allows us to manage schedules in the most efficient way possible.
Issue Daily Work Permits
In order to control construction activities, FP uses daily work permits. These enable an assessment of risks to be made and to specify control measures which will be put in place to minimize the risk.
Manage Change Orders
Change orders are the result of an owner-approved revision to terms and conditions of a project. These changes can be either directed by the owner or the contractor. By establishing a Change Order process with a defined set of procedures, FP diminishes the effect of change orders on both the budget and the schedule.
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