Design Services

By far, the design phase is the most exciting because it is during this phase that Farrell Partnership creates a blueprint for the client’s vision.   We prepare design development documents that fix and describe the character of the project in plans.

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Schematic Design
During the Schematic Design phase, FP establishes the general scope, scale and relationships among the components of a project. A strong design base allows FP to deliver a concept that achieves client understanding and acceptance.
Signage & Graphics
The right signage and graphics enhance the overall project presentation. At FP we understand the importance of both the aesthetics and functionality of signage and graphics and incorporate it into our designs.
Furniture Selection
Farrell Partnership works with all major furniture manufacturers to develop an integrated solution to the fit out of projects. We understand the trends in office planning and ergonomics to provide the best furniture selection for every application.
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Interior Design
Interior design is how we experience spaces. It’s a powerful part of our daily lives that affects how we live, work and play. At FP we create comfortable homes and functional workplaces without sacrificing beauty.
Design Development
During Design Development we transform the schematic design into a finished work of architecture. It is during this phase that the designers at FP work out a clear, coordinated description of all aspects of the design.
Energy Modeling
With so much of today’s design focusing on sustainability, FP is proud to have its LEED certification making us an industry leader in energy performance. The ability to complete building energy modeling is essential to meet the requirements of new green building codes.

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Construction Documents
During design development, all architectural systems and materials are identified. The construction documents detail the materials and construction activities required to build the project.
Lighting Design
In addition to the selection of all lighting fixtures, we perform in house lighting modeling to determine lighting levels and energy compliance. Working with all major distributors we have access to a full range of lighting fixtures and types.
Sustainability Analysis
As members of the US Green Building Council, we understand the importance of limiting our impact on both natural resources and energy consumption in the built environment. We evaluate each project to determine how our design is going to impact the environment and if our client’s benefit from green building certification.
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