A key aspect of any design includes the preparation.  At Farrell Partnership we emphasize the importance of the pre-design phase in planning for success.  We help the client focus on what is necessary to accomplish the finished project.

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Site Selection
Selecting the best site for a particular construction project is one of the most important decisions in the entire building process. Understanding the physical, cultural and regulatory factors of a property impact both the development and long term success of a project. Farrell Partnership is able to evaluate multiple sites to determine the best fit for every project.
Master Planning
The integration of building components and effective logistics is the ultimate goal of a successful masterplan. Completed at scales from a single building to a global real estate portfolio, Farrell Partnership has the expertise to help you achieve your long term goals.
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Facility Rationalization
Farrell Partnership continuously works with our international clients to assess their current and long term facility needs. Based on these needs, we work to tailor a strategy to optimize the capex and opex expenditures without reducing functionality.
Capacity Optimization
Capacity optimization is the study of unit operations to achieve the highest throughput in an existing infrastructure. The best way to achieve the maximum yield and productivity is to maximize your facility’s operations which can be realized through data interpretation and detailed plant studies.

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Code Compliance
Every construction project is required to comply with a significant number of construction codes. Based on the complexity of the project, the number of codes in force significantly increases. Farrell Partnership are experts in developing an overall code compliance strategy for successful project execution.
Programming is the translation of the client needs into building components. An in-depth understanding of these needs is the foundation of a successful project execution.
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