Managing projects from their inception to their completion takes the type of firm that has a certain skill set.  Farrell Partnership has that skill set and excels at bringing their client’s vision into existence.

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Manage Schedule
Too often people believe that a schedule is a list of time periods and deadlines. We at FP understand that managing a schedule involves a series of interrelated commitments agreed upon by all project participants.
Track Progress
A project manager will not be successful if he or she does not monitor the progress of the project against project goals and objectives. We at FP recognize and accept that the project manager is responsible to track the progress of the all aspects of the project.
Manage Resources
The key tools and techniques for successfully managing resources are the work plan, effective management of project meetings, and thorough documentation of key project decisions and actions. At FP we understand the importance of identifying which resources have the skills to do what tasks and when to secure additional resources as necessary.
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Develop Charter
The project charter outlines detailed project goals, roles and responsibilities, identifies the main stakeholders, and the level of authority of a project manager. A project charter improves and paves the way for good client relationships.
Prepare Risk Analysis
At FP we develop a risk analysis to identify potential problems that could cause schedule and cost impacts to the project, analyze how likely they are to occur and take action to prevent the risks we can avoid, and minimize the ones we can’t.
Control Budget
The best approach to meeting client’s expectations for construction budgets is to clearly identify the overall project cost. Once a project budget is set, we carefully monitor the relationship between scope, quality, and cost as the project is being completed. FP’s vast construction experience qualifies us to make appropriate recommendations for scope or quality adjustments in order to control the budget.

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Develop Project Reports
Project reports are integral in exercising control over a project and to help take corrective action to prevent unnecessary overruns. By creating consistent, readily available information, FP monitors schedule and budget trends accurately.
Manage Chane Orders
Managing change orders effectively takes preparation, understanding and communication with all parties involved. If change orders are not properly managed, it can quickly derail the success of the project. The project managers at FP are adept at managing change orders.
Manage EVA
Earned Value Analysis is an industry standard method of measuring a project’s progress at any given point in time, forecasting its completion date and final cost and analyzing any variances in the schedule and budget as the project proceeds. At FP we use this “snapshot in time” as an early warning tool to detect deficient progress or cost overruns.
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