Sensory Evaluation Booths


System Features and Benefits

Working with numerous clients, contractors, and vendors, Farrell Partnership has developed an industry leading system of Sensory Evaluation Booths. This system is entirely customizable allowing Farrell Partnership the ability to offer Architecture and Engineering services for any number of clients. Our experience and continued success and proof of booth longevity has put us in the center of the flavor and fragrance industry.

Throughout Farrell Partnership's history, we have gone above and beyond to keep our clients ahead of the curve when it comes to product development, product evaluation, and product manufacturing. The Sensory Evaluation Booths that Farrell Partnership has developed  maximizes the product evaluation process while providing an extremely visually appealing aesthetic. Not only are our clients happy, our clients' clients are happy.

Typical Sizes:

Small: 5'-0" x 5'-0"
Medium: 5'-0" x 8'-0"
Large: 10'-0" x 10'-0"

Common Uses:

Fragrance Plug-In Evaluation
Candle/Oil Burn Evaluation
Hard Surface Evaluation
Aerosol Evaluation


Automated flusher valves
US, EU, and UK electrical receptacles
Household ceiling fan
Automated recurring shower cycles


Glazing System

A double glass panel system with a unique sealing system minimizes odor transfer while preventing off-gasing.


Mullion System

A special mullion system was developed to hold the double glazing wall panel while preventing odor pass-through.

Design Features


Double Sealed Swinging Door

This is a standard size door that eliminates the risk of air / odor escape. It is sealed at each jamb, head and floor to keep a consistent interior evaluation parameter.


Evaluation Porthole

Fully Sealed
Center of porthole typically at 5'-0" AFF



Polished concrete floor that is durable, prevents static charge, fully able to be washed down.


Powder Coated Aluminum Panel

Easy to clean
Resistant to odor absorption
Flame and Heat Retardant
Allows for wall penetration ie.; ventialtion, plumbing, electrical

Case Studies:

Hard Surface Evaluation Booths
Small Evaluation Booth
Shower Evaluation Booths
Project_Symrise_Evaluation Booths_Banner_1500px
Toilet Evaluation Booths
Toilet Booth