Savory Development & Applications Lab


Teterboro, NJ
3,500 Sq. Ft.

The researches in the Savory Development Lab within Symrise, Inc. needed to update existing appliances, instruments and equipment while adding more workstations and storage. Several high density storage units (HDSU) were used to maximize the room’s available counter-space.

Along with replacing much of the old equipment, new extraction arms were introduced to allow for an individualized workstation exhaust network. An adjacent laboratory was created to allow for uninterrupted powder and liquid mixtures using extremely precise scales.

Currently, the 3rd phase is being prepared for demolition to allow for a new HDSU and mix lab focused on creating new spices and combinations of ingredients. The 4th phase will eventually allow for a blend room and product testing area.

As a result of a well organized project and extraordinary understanding of the client’s needs, this project was an immediate success as the chemists inhabited their new workstations in their improved lab.