Sensory Evaluation Booths


Teterboro, NJ
2,050 Sq. Ft.

As part of the redevelopment of the Symrise Technical Development Center, Farrell Partnership created a three phase program to install a total of 31 state of the art Sensory Evaluation Booths. These booths were designed to evaluate a wide range of products including general fragrances, air fresheners and cleaning products. The project consisted of six (6) large general purpose, sixteen (16) smaller general purpose/air freshener, four (4) toilet and five (5) shower evaluation booths. The air freshener booths were equipped with both local and international voltage outlets to test plug in air fresheners. The toilet and shower booths were automated to allow for timed flushing and programmed shower runs with controlled temperature.

Each booth was constructed of a double glass wall system designed to prevent cross contamination between tests. All construction materials were tested to insure they were easy to clean, odor absorption resistant and did not off gas odors to the booths. A sampling port is provided in each door to allow for easy evaluation of the test subject without exposing the booth to the corridor. An automated control system monitors and controls each of the booth’s three operating modes: static, normal operation and purge. During static mode, no air is supplied or returned. Under normal operation air is exchanged in the booth to match a standard home air conditioning system. The purge mode flushes 100% of the air in the booth for a set period of time.

The new sensory evaluation center provided an industry leading evaluation center that created a more consistent test environment for the development of fragrances and an excellent area for client interaction. As a leader in the design and construction of flavor and fragrance development and production facilities, Farrell Partnership was able to create a space that not only helped in the development of products, but also in the presentation to clients. This state of the art facility allows Symrise to maintain its position as a leader in the flavor and fragrance industry.