Bethlehem, PA
9,150 SQ. FT.

Farrell Partnership was tasked with designing a 9,000 sq. ft. addition to an existing production facility in Pennsylvania. The new Spray-Tek Dryer 8 suite is a fully functioning spray dryer with the design intent to allow for future expansion. After completing the Bethlehem facility masterplan and capacity study in 2013, Spray-Tek went on to completing the first in a series of projects to expand their northeast production.

This project began by assessing the existing facility. A portion of Spray-Tek’s existing warehousing was dedicated to the construction of a new concrete block and structural steel frame spray dryer enclosure. The existing roof at that location was removed for a penthouse serving levels 3 and 4 of the dryer. Access from level 4 of the dryer penthouse to the existing roof was provided. A nearby one-story mixing room was also built.

Architectural changes for the Dryer 8 included the removal of the existing slab in the east portion of the building, and the installation of concrete foundations for the structural steel columns and the concrete block wall enclosure. Structural steel was installed in 3 levels above the new ground floor slab to support and provide service platforms for the new dryer. A removable roof structure was installed in anticipation of any future service or replacement of the dryer.

Farrell Partnership was responsible for the complete design of the Dryer 8 project plan retrofit including architectural, engineering, lighting, and fire protection modifications for the project.