Symrise Beverage Lab


Teterboro, NJ
2,780 Sq. Ft.

The Beverage Lab is a research and development lab used to develop new flavors for the beverage flavoring industry. The entire beverage lab setup takes up roughly 3,000 sf. There are two mirrored labs back to back, each about 1,450 sf. We executed the project in two phases to provide uninterrupted use by the development teams, allowing them access to one lab while the other was being renovated.

Since the size of each lab is relatively small and the chemists working on the new flavor development need access to a large pallet of raw materials, new vertical high density storage units were installed in each laboratory. These high density storage units allow for storage of a wide variety of components using up a fraction of the space typical component storage requires.

Using the phased approach, keeping excellent communication with contractors, and having an overall well thought out design, the project went off without a hitch and all of the end users were extremely happy with the end result.