Citrus Presentation Studio


Teterboro, NJ
250 Sq. Ft.

Symrise was looking for a new space to host clients, guests and vendors for the Flavors department at the Symrise North American headquarters. This new intimate space needed to “wow” anyone that walked through the door. The Symrise Citrus Presentation Studio was designed to grab the attention of anyone that walked passed. Similar to the Tasting Bar, this space required unique design, but incorporate full functionality required for product presentations. A custom cocktail-esque LED serving area varied in hues throughout the day to make the overall landscape of the studio to be always changing. Cedar lined walls framed the graphic covered windows creating a Symrise slogan display. citrus-room_002-300x300.jpg

The Citrus Presentation Studio was designed to be completely user-friendly. To ensure presentations ran smoothly and positive Symrise / client interactions were encouraged, a new Smart Board was installed on the wall farthest from the serving area. To create an even more adaptable space, all of the lighting is 100% controllable. Due to the hard surfaces and size of the room, the acoustics had to be designed for. The cedar wall panels and the acoustical ceiling tiles solved any would-be acoustical issues. This space is one of the many truly unique spaces throughout Symrise, allowing for an almost always changing environment to employees and visitors. citrus-room_001-300x300.jpg