Symrise Tasting Bar


Teterboro, NJ
350 Sq. Ft.

After concluding Symrise’s 1st Floor Fragrance fit-out and open concept conversion and the flavor’s side Beverage Labs, Symrise was in need of a designated area to take existing and potential clients. The Symrise Tasting Bar was designed to leave a lasting impression while being a fully functional bar / serving area. The new Symrise Tasting Bar featured an eight foot trench sink for discarding beverage samples, a large presentation monitor, feature walls, color changing light fixtures, and a built-in water feature at the head of the bar. bevarage-tasting-bar_001-300x300.jpg

A prerequisite for the design was to stick to an overall company wide move to the open concept, but needed to provide privacy whenever necessary. To handle this, one wall, including the main entry of the Symrise Tasting Bar was designed to be floor to ceiling glass partition. This allowed for privacy during client meetings, but also made the space feel as though it was still part of the marketing department. It was crucial for the marketing team to have a space that could impress and excite potential clients. Through numerous conversations and design reviews, Farrell Partnership delivered a high quality project that both parties were excited to be a part of.